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There are many varieties of classical massage. One of the branches is the Swedish massage. It helps you learn the basics of the other techniques and hone your skills. Let's get to know it better.

What is Swedish massage in Dubai?

Swedish massage is an effective therapy and excellent prevention. Massage helps to treat illnesses and diagnose them. The techniques are based on the methods of the Greeks, Chinese, ancient Russians, Arabs and Romans. It is based on the techniques of classical massage.

History of appearance

The Swedish system first made itself known in the 19th century. Heinrich Ling, a Swedish therapist and scientist, tested the effects of therapeutic massage on himself after he was injured while fencing. Ling massaged the injured shoulder and noticed that after a while it began to work better, and then it stopped hurting altogether. Having gained invaluable experience, the scientist began to study the human body and develop various massage techniques.

The great work of the scientist was the book "General Fundamentals of Gymnastics," which described the techniques of Swedish massage, how to use them to treat diseases of the locomotor system and relieve fatigue.

The Swedish system has undergone some improvement over the course of its existence. It was supplemented by techniques from ancient Russia, Greece, China and Rome. The system has become better, but it has not lost its origins and basic techniques.


  • All work is done from the edge to the center.
  • The main technique is rubbing, which occupies 80% of the session.
  • Influence on the tissues with more force than in other types of massage.
  • The presence of a verbal, relaxed contact between the client and the master.
  • Gymnastic exercises are used for efficiency.

How is the Swedish massage performed?

We are at Bella Spa Massage Dubai follow all requirements. In order to carry out the massage it is necessary to create a favorable and comfortable environment. The lighting should be subdued and soft. The temperature of the air in the room should be about 25 C.

The client is completely naked or stays in underwear and covered with a towel. Most often the person is laid on a special table face down. Oils are used for gliding.

The number of sessions is from 10 to 15. The frequency of conducting 1 - 2 times a week.

What the masseur does:

  • Inquires about the purpose for which the person has come and where he or she has pain.
  • He or she slowly feels the body.
  • The massage starts with the back. Then move on to the legs and arms. Finish the neck and shoulders.
  • The knocks are made from the bottom upwards directed to the heart.
  • Then the muscles are kneaded. Particular attention is paid to the compressions. Techniques are carried out slowly, preferably without tearing the fingers from the end of the limb to the center of the body.
  • The soft tissues of the whole body are then kneaded.

When techniques and techniques are applied correctly, the patient should not feel pain. Important attention is paid to the dialogue between the patient and the specialist. Informal conversations help the person to relax more.

Performing technique

To perform the massage, the basic movements are performed:

  • Stroking. Light sliding movements over the body.
  • Stretching (kneading, squeezing, rolling).
  • Stretching. Intensive work on deep tissues.
  • Tapping and vibration. Small rhythmic and jerky movements.


The results of the massage are impressive. Regular visits to a specialist help:

  • improve the outflow of lymph;
  • More quickly and almost painlessly begin to regenerate tissues;
  • improve blood flow;
  • make the joints more mobile, flexible and elastic;
  • relieve muscle discomfort;
  • relieve swelling;
  • to remove seals, scars;
  • Improve your mood and relieve fatigue;
  • strengthen the nervous system.

It is worth paying special attention to muscles and joints. They help a person to move, and movement is life.

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